5 Stand Shooting

5-Stand is often referred to as the Compact Sporting since it is a game that has a variety of Target sizes and flight paths.  The game has 5 stations to shoot from with 5 targets per station in a prescribed sequence.  A variety of singles, following pairs, and true pairs make the game challenging and changed monthly to offer a wide variety of target options. 

Gun River 5-Stand field is within a heated building with a sliding window as a shooting station.  We have 12 throwers for the 25 targets per round.  We shoot 5-Stand on Sundays 10 am-1 pm.

Cost for a round of 5-Stand:

  • Member             $10 round 25

                                        $20 round 50

                                        $40/100 targets

             Non Member     $15 round 25

                                        $30 round 50